The Science of life ‘Ayurveda’

The formulations for our natural hair dyes, hair oils and Co. are based on dermatological findings and made in collaboration with Ayurvedic doctors. Ayurveda stands for comprehensive herbalism and the unity of mind and body. This philosophy is reflected in each of our natural cosmetics products.

Traditional Ingredients Meets Modern Science

Our biggest goal is to turn fabulous raw materials into wonderful natural products. Therefore, every step from the natural source to the final product is important. We process our raw materials gently, in traditional production processes.


We filter out the most valuable active ingredients for you in several stages - for healthy, harmless, natural cosmetics. Thus you can enjoy the best quality products for your skin and your hair according to modern standards and in harmony with nature and science.

Which Ayurvedic Energy Type are you?

Only when our inner well-being and outward appearance are in harmony can we shine in holistic beauty. Beauty is not a question of age, but of balance. We differentiate between three bioenergies and five elements that characterize each human being and appear in different combinations. In Ayurveda, the bioenergies Vata, Pitta, Kapha and the elements contained therein are ether, air, fire, water and earth. To feel beautiful, it is important to harmonize your lifestyle and body care with your personal energy type. Our natural beauty products regulate your biological predisposition and are suitable for all skin and hair types as well as their mixed forms.

Vata - Changeable Characteristics

The energy type Vata is lively, curious, active and open - as well as communicative, enthusiastic, empathic and rather sensitive. Vata types usually have a delicate physique and love warm and sunny. Generally, people with Vata energy tend to sleep lightly and are prone to indigestion.